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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

AHPRA eligibility is useless

Many overseas trained nurses that applied in AHPRA who happened to received the eligibility letter and mostly, their eligibility letter expires for a year or less.

This eligibility letter either permits overseas nurses to undergo a bridging course so that they can register as Australian RN. However, although these people have an eligibility letter, they where having hard time looking for an institutions that will accept them in the bridging program, since all the schools that is conducting the program required an IELTS of 7 in all categories and it excuses no one, eventhough that you have been exempted by AHPRA.

This has become the traumatic experience of all nurses, and AHPRA would even claim that schools will accept nurses without IELTS, but it is not true at all.

Maybe AHPRA is waiting for another file to be filed against them in the Senate. From the drastic changes of the English language requirement to improper dissemination of information, it makes the dream of the overseas nurses to practice in their own profession.

There was one article that was written that although Australia is not showing how they discriminate other Races, they somehow, show it through implementing rules that will prevent other Races to succeed.

So sad that AHPRA and Australia is a big needle pin in the heart of aspiring nurses.

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