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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Approved Program of Study for Enrolled nurse from Overseas

If you are enrolled nurse from overseas, find the approved study for you. This will also include all the bridging courses for enrolled nurses. You can also find this information in NMBA website. Just read the previous entry and click on the link that was provided.

Meanwhile, you can click on the images below for the list of the approved courses.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Approved Program Study for Registered Nurse Internationally Qualified

Below you will find the approved program for registered nurse from overseas. This copy can be downloaded as well from its original link from NMBA ( ). Kindly click on the image to view the complete programs.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Application form for Overseas trained Nurse (AHPRA)

For all overseas nurses who planned to apply as an RN or EN in Australia, you are required to fill in the AGOS-40 form not the AGEN-40 form. You will find the difference between the two forms. You can check the form in AHPRA website in

Thursday, September 6, 2012

AHPRA Eligibility Extension and Validity

Some of you out there might have a situation where you have an eligibility letter from AHPRA but you are not yet enrolled in any bridging course. At the same time, your eligibility letter is about to expire. 

Now, you already find a school or educational provider for your bridging program. However, the program will start a month after your eligibility will expire. What you will do?

Simple, stop stressing yourself about your registration. Since, once you are enrolled in your chosen education provider, your are now eligible to register after passing your bridging course. So, it does not matter anymore if you finished your course after your eligibility letter expires. What AHPRA requires you is to submit your identity check (if not done yet) and a letter of recommendation for registration directly from your educational provider.

BUT, what if the educational provider will not accept you for the course due to the reason that your eligibility letter will expire before the course will be completed. Here are the things that you need to do:


Email your case officer and ask for a statement from him or her stating that you can still be enrolled in the course for as long as before your eligibility letter expires you are already enrolled.Then forward it to the educational provider, since majority of the educational providers are unaware of this situation or was not elighten about this issue.

(Most likely you will get a response like this " You have one year to be enrolled in a bridging course, if you are enrolled by the expiry date this willl be taken into consideration.")

Explain to your educational provider that there is no any problem of enrolling you or accepting you in the program since your eligibility will expire a month or a week after while the program has already started. Nevertheless, if they wwill ask for any support of this statement, then forward the email from your case officer to the admission officer in your chosen school or course provider.


There is some situation here that their or your eligibility letter is about to expire and you have not found any bridging school as of the moment that will enroll you. It is because that they are already full for the entire year or you though it was so easy to find a bridging course in Australia. 

With this situation you are required to contact your case officer directly. Do not be shy to contact them since they will be so happy to explain to you what are your options. It is better to give them a call,since majority of the case officer will provide their direct hotline number. 

Explain to them your situation and the reasons why you required to ask for an extension of your eligibility. However, most of the case officer will tell you that you need to re-apply again and repeat the entire process to gain that eligibility letter again. This will be frustrating side, but atleast you have tried. In some instance, your case officer will extend another month or a couple of months. This will be your luckiest day.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Health Insurance

Now you had been sponsored by your employer to apply for the working visa or permanent residency. This time you are required to have your own personal health insurance and as one of the requirement by the DIAC. I know that there are plenty of insurances in Australia that will provide you with a better cover for yourself or family (dependent). Meanwhile, try to look for an insurance that is way cheaper than the other one that have almost the same coverage with the expensive insurance company. At the same time, make sure that they can be used in the area where you will be staying while you are working.

Some of the insurance company that provides coverage for the overseas visitor for the 457 visa or permanent residency are the following. Please take note that there are many other health insurance but I will just list those that are affordable and reasonable at the same time. Also, their order in the list does not mean that the top list is the cheapest and the best. I will list it in any order.

List of Health Insurance/ Price per month 

1. Bupa / AUD 89-Basic Cover
2. HIF / AUD 86.45-Intermediate Visitor
3. Medibank
4. Iselect / AUD 485.65 quarterly
5. IMAN or NIB / AUD 76- budget visitor cover / AUD 99- Basic visitor cover
6. MBF
7. HCF
8. AustralianUnity

Always ask for a visa support letter since you will be needing this as one of your supporting documents in DIAC.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


If you have any enquiries in relation to AHPRA registration as a Registered Nurse, you can leave your comment and I will response to you. Please be aware that I am not an agency nor someone authorize to answer in behalf of AHPRA. I am just here to assist and help you and nothing else.

Thank you

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