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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Schools for Bridging in Australia is NOT well informed

There are numbers of foreign nurses with eligibility letter from AHPRA or NMBA, stating that they are eligible to do the bridging course,however, almost 99% of school in Australia that is offering an IRON program or Competence program is not well updated by the new language proficiency of AHPRA. Up until now, most school stick to the policy of having 7 or higher in all band for IELTS, where they missed  the other language proficiency that was stating that "or" have shown any proof that the language used during their secondary and tertiary education was in English. Currently, there is only one school in Australia that accepts student without IELTS and through the honoring the letter of AHPRA.

This will be so odd, since most English language proficiency was based on the standard of AHPRA, however, schools missed the other point. When will the school learn?

Currently, there is a hearing in the parliamentary government that was questioning the IELTS or OET, which is good, since there is no evidence that being a good nurse is having a higher score in IELTS or OET.


ampy said...

Hi, I would like to ask about the schools which offers bridging program without IELTS

J.J.L.C (formerly known as C"Gt") said...

hi ampy, as of the moment, schools do not accept any one who has an eligibility without IELTS, for they reasoned out that they are not AHPRA.

Complaint already made on AHPRA, but there was no reply at all.

doomD said...

hello ampy, I know one(The College of Nursing- Sydney) that was before but now they require already. I have no choice but to take the IELTS and hopefully will nail it.

J.J.L.C (formerly known as C"Gt") said...

I wish you luck guys!

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