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Thursday, October 6, 2011

More revision for Language proficiency is needed

New Zealand Nursing council has an easy policies when it comes to the English language proficiency, and also, they do not require their future registered nurses to have an IELTS result in one sitting, instead, their possible candidate can take another IELTS test, provided that the category or categories where they have a score lower that 7 will be & or higher on the new result. Like for instance, if a candidate have Listening 7.5 Reading 8 Writing 5.5 and Speaking 9, the candidate can retake the IELTS and should have a score of 7 or higher in the writing task. This is how clear their policy is.

Currently, the Senate in Australia will have a final decision regarding the English language proficiency test, that it needs to be revised more. Although, AHPRA revised some of its policies regarding the proficiency, it is still conflicting the interest of Australia, which is to prevent the downfall of the healthcare personnel in the country.

No one can deny that communication is very important, but nobody can also deny that Australia nowadays is a multicultural country, which has various languages used by different people.

Another assumption was that, both AHPRA and IELTS provider is having a deal, and no one proved this as of the moment. Furthermore, one commentator stated that the following test honored by AHPRA and Institutions that are offering bridging program, does not 100% measure the proficiency of the candidate and it does not also measure the skills of their future healthcare personnel.

What most candidate can do for now is to take IELTS test again and have a band score of 7 in all categories.


AdyRed said...

Yeah this is also very confusing. I have to take my IELTS again.

J.J.L.C (formerly known as C"Gt") said...

Good luck, and hopefully AHPRA will have a very clear policies soon. They are really making and creating big confusions to the applicants and to their own officers.

AdyRed said...

I and a Registered Nurse in the Philippines and now live in Australia. I have to take the IELTS this December. This will be my third time for the year. I need to pass it this time so I can attend the Bridging program here. Pffft...

J.J.L.C (formerly known as C"Gt") said...

Good luck. Passing NLE is much easier compared to passing IELTS. Waiting for 13 days for the final result will always be the longest days of our life.

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