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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

White Policy through English Test

Overseas nurses are currently facing this discriminatory act through English proficiency.

All over the world IELTS has become the major obstacles for all types of professionals that wanted to render their service in the other part of the world.

This issue is somehow neglected since many government agencies are unaware of this or maybe its a conspiracy theory. As claimed by the many.

However, English is important in the communication vetween two people and thus, fluency is important.

Nevertheless, the increasing cut off score for the acceptable score for the English proficiency is way too far.

IELTS as claimed is not intended to measure the capacity of an individual in their proficiency in English. But sad to say it is the practice.

One person is currently campaigning about how this English test kill other languages all over the world. Failed to ubderstand, most of the words used in English are borrowed words from different regions around the world.

Our world beeds diversity to learn feom one another. But this is not the case.

Some may claim that English is important than any ither languages. Then you need to think about it.

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