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Friday, May 6, 2011

Criteria for Registration of internationally trained nurse for Australia

According to the new standards of NMBA, the following are the requirements needed by an overseas trained nurse seeking registration in Australia.

The NMBA came out with five criteria in assessing an international trained nurses and midwifery.

  • Criterion one
                     Where the applicant establishes their identity by either submitting their passport, license ID card. This is through "The applicant must provide documentary and photographicevidence that they are the person seeking to be registered". Where it should be "• Documents must meet AHPRA Proof of Identitycriteria, including the listed criteria for persons applying from overseas or who have recently arrived in Australia. All documents must be an original or certified as per the criteria of AHPRA Certifying Documents ".

  • Criterion two

                      The applicant meets English language proficiency criteria for the nursing and midwifery professions. Where "The applicant must have obtained the results within two years prior to applying for registration; The results must have been obtained in one sitting; The applicant can undertake the test either onshore or offshore;  The applicant must make arrangements for test
results to be provided directly to AHPRA by the testing authority

  • Criterion three

                       The applicant is assessed as meeting current Australian nursing and midwifery education standards. According to this criteria for assessment: " For a registered nurse and midwife, the evidence provided by the applicant demonstrates that their education preparation meets NMBA-approved accreditation standards as follows:• For registration as a registered nurse, the minimum qualification must be a university-based8
Bachelor degree (or where relevant, a postgraduate qualification) and the minimum length of the course is equivalent to six semesters’ full-time study.

*For registration as a midwife, the minimum qualification must be a university-based Bachelor degree (or where relevant, a postgraduate qualification) and the minimum length of the course is equivalent to six semesters’ fulltime study. or

• The minimum length of the preregistration midwifery course must be at least 12 months full time, where the midwifery student is a registered nurse.

 • For an enrolled nurse the evidence provided by the applicant demonstrates that their education
preparation meets the current approved standards for enrolled nurses in Australia, which is a certificate
IV-based course until 1 July 2014, at which point the entry to practice standard will be changed to the
Diploma level."

Documentary evidence to include original or certified copies as per the criteria of AHPRA Certifying Documents.

• The applicant provides a transcript of theoretical content of the course, including total hours for each
subject and clinical experience.

• The applicant provides the certificate gained and evidence of completion of the course.

  • Criterion four
Under this criteria "The applicant must hold, or be eligible to hold, a current nursing and/or midwifery registration or licence to practise either in their country of residence, and/or their country of origin, and/or their country of initial education, and must have practised within the past five years as definedin criteria of the NMBA recency of practice registration standard."

• Applicant must provide original or certified documentary evidence of currency of eligibility of
registration or licensure in the country from which they last worked
• Applicant must provide certified documentary evidence from their current and previous employers
that they have practised nursing and/or midwifery within the past five years preceding their  pplication,
as defined in criteria of the NMBA recency of practice registration standard
• If not currently employed, the applicant must provide certified documentary evidence from their most
recent employer
• Applicant must have practised nursing and/or midwifery as defined by the definition of ‘practice’
contained in the NMBA recency

If the applicant is applying from a country that either:
• does not have a regulatory system
• cannot provide evidence

Therefore the " applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the State and Territory boards"

  • Criterion five
The applicant demonstrates they are ‘fit

All the informations above are taken from the website of AHPRA. There are no any information added.

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