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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Standard CV/Resume for Overseas Trained Nurse

Most of Overseas trained nurses are aware that when they submit their application it should include their updated resume or curriculum vitae. Sending or attaching the CV in your application form should be in accordance with the format of AHPRA or NMBA.

Below is the standard format for Curriculum Vitae that will be included in your (international nurse or graduate nurse from Australia) application form.

Copied from the site of AHPRA, for a more detailed description kindly visit the website of AHPRA or inquire online on their virtual assistant.

"The following information is provided as a guide to what you should include in the
curriculum vitae that you provide to AHPRA as part of your application"

  • Personal Information
  • Qualifications Obtained
  • Bridging Programs / Qualifying Examinations

                       (Include dates, facility, city, state and results)

  • Clinical / Procedural Skills

                       (Please note whether competent and /or observed)

  • Work / Practice History
  • Current and Previous Positions

                          Details to include:
                                  • Dates
                                  • Title of the position(s) -
                                  • Facility (including name, address and contact details i.e. City, State, Country)
                                  • Responsibilities (including whether position was full-time/part-time and if part-
                                    time include hours of work/week)

  • Internship and Observership
  • Provide in the chronology of the practice history details of internship rotations

           and any periods of observership

  • Gaps in Work / Practice History

           Please provide an explanation of any period since obtaining your professional
          qualifications where you have not practised and reasons (eg undertaking study,
           travel, family commitment)

  • Registration History
  • Provide a list of jurisdictions i.e. authorities:

          • where you are currently registered to practice and your registration number
          • where you have been previously registered to practice and your registration number
             (if known)
          • where you have applied for registration and that application remains under

  • References and Publications

Note: If provided this should be limited to 1-2 pages

Other important information

• You must declare on your CV that the ‘The Curriculum Vitae is true and
correct as at (insert date)’. This declaration must be signed and dated.
• The Boards will only accept the original signed Curriculum Vitae.
• You must also attach certified copies of any results or performance reports
from bridging courses undertaken, skills assessment, observership (as
applicable) that have been stated in the CV.

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