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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Certification of Papers for AHPRA

AHPRA always give list of institutions and people who can certify that the documents are certified copy as of that the original.

There are cases that AHPRA will return documents that has not been certified correctly. To avoid confusions, here are the lists of institution or people that can certify your documents to be a true likeness of an original.

For a complete list from AHPRA, kindly click on the highlighted link below:

Taken from AHPRA website.

For those people who are living in Australia or already in that country, the people that can certify the documents are:

  • Justice of the Peace, Bail Justice, Registrar or Deputy Registrar
  •  Lawyer
  • Registered members of the teaching profession
  • Member of the police force
  • Notary Public
  • Permanent staff member of AHPRA
  • Commissioner for Declarations, Oaths or Affidavits (dependent on jurisdictions)
  • Accountant (member of the ICA,  ASA, NIA or CPA)
  • Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff

Outside Australia, the following people are authorised to certify documents:

  • Justice of the peace (UK and NZ)
  •  Notary Public
  • Person appointed to hold, or act in the office of

– Australian Consul-­General, Consul or Vice-­Consul
– Australian Trade Commissioner of Consular Agent
– Australian Ambassador or High Commissioner
– Australian Minister, Head of Mission, Commissioner, Charge d’affaires or Counsellor
– Australian secretary of Attache

What do the above authorised officers need to do to certify your documents?

According to AHPRA, an Authorised officer should fo the following in the presence of the applicant:

  • certify that each documents is a true copy of the original
  • certify that the photograph on photographic documentation (e.g. license or passport) is a true likeness of the applicant
  • witness the signature of the applicant

Certified documents must

  • be initiated on every page by the authorised officer
  • annotated on the last page as appropriate eg " I have sighted the original document and certify this to be a true copy of the original" and signed by the authorise officer
  • List the name, date of certification, and contact phone number, and the number and have the stamp or seal of the authorised office (if relevant) applied.

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