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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pathway to Registration

The Australian College of Nursing has their own pathway to registration which most of the colleges or educational provider have for the overseas trained nurses. Below is the sample of the registration to registration by the college of nursing. You can find this one in

The College of Nursing 
Assessment of Competence Program 
Pathway to registration 

Below is an outline of the process that will lead to your registration with 
the Australian Health Professional Regulation Agency.

Week 1 – 4  

On Campus attendance 
Face to face program delivery

Week 4 – 8 

Clinical Placement
Providing there is placement available – this may 
be delayed if there is an issue in obtaining your 
clinical placement / you requesting a specific 
clinical placement or your placement starting in 
the week following your on-campus completion. 

Week 9 - 10 

Return of assessment documents from the 
Clinical Facilitators – please be aware that if there 
is an issue with your clinical competence – this 
part of the process may take longer than one 

Week 11 - 12 

Processing of clinical documents from Clinical 
Facilitators – please be aware that if there is an 
issue with your assessment – there may be a 
delay in this process or this part of the process 
may take longer than one week

Week 12 - 13 

Signing off your competence and generating 
letters of recommendation to AHPRA

Week 14 

Signing your letters of referral

Week 15  

Sending your letter to APHRA

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