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Friday, August 31, 2012

Work Experience (Finding A job)

Yes, you are now a registered nurse in Australia, however you might have hard time looking for a job in a hospital to work as an RN. Yes, you have a work experience but, is it enough for the hospital to absorb you?

Majority of the hospitals in Australia requires nurses from overseas that recently gained their registration to have atleast 2 years of nursing experience. This 2 years and more experience should be in a specialized area. Like for instance, oncology, ICU, surgical, medical and others. If you happened to have a community nurse experience, then you might somehow have hard time looking for a position in a hospital. But, you should not lost your hope, since hospital is not the only option for you to work as a nurse. There are plenty nursing homes that are willing to sponsor overseas trained nurses with current registration from AHPRA. All you need to do is find one, like for example Bupa, Healthscope, Uniting care (soon) and many more. 

Meanwhile, if you are a nurse with a plenty of experience in any special then you can apply in any hospitals in Australia. But, make sure that they sponsor your for a working visa, unless you have already a permanent residency here in Australia. You can try applying in Ramsay, since they are known to be a very good employer for overseas nurses or maybe, you can go to the government owned hospital and apply. All you need to do is enquire and then you will find the answer.

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