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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Identity Check

It is important for internationally qualified nurses to contact AHPRA or your respective assigned case officer after your bridging course or competence program. Why? Because, they would always ask for your identity check and at the same time, you try to inform them that you have already finished the bridging program and now waiting for the letter of recommendation to reach their office and have your registration.

Below you will find the information with regards to the identity check. Please note that this content was taken from AHPRA website and you can check it all by yourself. In addition, there was no any changes made on the content below.

Proof of Identity Requirements:

Who needs to complete proof of identity requirements?
Proof of identity needs to be provided with any new application for registration.
Proof of identity is not required for:

• registrants who have transitioned to the national scheme
• renewal of registration.

What evidence of proof of identity is required?

Applicants for registration must provide sufficient evidence of their identity. At least one document from each of categories (A, B and C, and D if necessary) is required.
Documents applicable in category A and B may be used in other categories.
Note: The requirements for persons who are applying from overseas, or have recently arrived in Australia are detailed later in this document.

For a complete reference kindly click on this link

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