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Friday, August 3, 2012

What to expect after the Bridging program

Now, you have passed the bridging program, was able to perfect the drug calculations (which is very important, since you can not afford to make any drug errors due to your negligence). What to expect after your bridging program.

After your bridging program or competence program as they call it in NSW. You will need to wait for the education provider to forward their letter of recommendation to AHPRA. Take note, that some of the educational institution will not inform you with regards to the status of your letter going to AHPRA. What you need to do is contact the education provider. There are some schools that will forward your letter after a week or two. But majority will forward the letter after a month, and this is quite annoying sometimes, since most of you are so eager to receive the registration number and start working in your chosen hospital or healthcare institution.

Once AHPRA received the letter of recommendation from your education provider, your case officer or AHPRA will contact you, either with your registration number or further documents (which is mostly your identity check requirements). Sometimes, AHPRA will just give you a call for your identity check, however, remember that majority of the case officer will require a certified copy of your identity documents. Kindly refer to the previous entry for the identity check.

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